Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL v1.1 APK

Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL Apk

The Must-Have-Live-Wallpaper for every Martian 😉

Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL

Change Logs :

  • Bugfix: Should now work on the Galaxy S3
  • Minor speed improvements

* Ultra HD resolution textures, made for tablets! (But works on phones too of course)
* Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses gyroscope / accelerometer
* Uses real satellite imagery of mars and photographs of our milkyway (see below)
* Sun and stars already included 😉
* Stunning lens flare effect
* Brightness / Ambient Settings
* Adjust the martian time of the year
* Absolutely 100% ad-free!

Extra Features in this version:
* Daydream (Screensaver) mode
* Zoom and move the camera freely by using two fingers!
* Adjust planetary rotation speed
* Adjust various animation and fading parameters
* Set your desired custom view

Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing. It’s surprising but then the 3D effect is even more impressive.

This is the XL version of Mars in HD Gyro 3D Free. If you want to try the free version first, please check our other apps. The free version is also completely ad-free, but if you want to support us and get some extra features, buy this one 🙂

Now have fun with this stunning martian experience 🙂
Alex from CodeKonditor

Credits: Milkyway photograph (as used in the app and shown on screenshots) by ESO / S. Brunier is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Mars color and elevation based on data courtesy of USGS Astrogeology Science Center

Requirement :Android 2.3 and up

 Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL- screenshot
 Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL- screenshot  Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL- screenshot  Mars in HD Gyro 3D XL- screenshot


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Download APK

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