NZ vs Loons v1.28 APK

Short oval contact racing from both sides of the world

NZ vs Loonscom.madcowieproductions.nzvsloons
Short oval contact racing from both sides of the world. New Zealand brings you the NZ Stockcars on real life tracks. UK introduces you to Loons. Saloon cars with big bumpers!

So whether you are looking to put someone up the wall in the NZ’s or run 5 wide in the saloons this game is for you. This is a development game and the outcome will decide which formula gets made next into a full game.

What’s in this version : (Updated : 3 October 2016)

      1.28 New championship added British which is at a random track each time you select it and sometimes is at Taunton! 🙂
      Can now drive as 2NZ – Jason Long
      Shale and tarmac physics tweaked on the Saloon. Will pull out of opposite lock easier on shale. On tarmac it will pull out easier when your on opposite lock and lift the throttle.
      Skill level now adjustable in options.
    Practice makes perfect!
Required Android O/S : 4.1 and up

Screenshots :

Download : 70M APK